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Keck's Marsh was established as a 155-acre duck hunting club in 1984. Since then, the operation has grown to over 1,500 acres of flooded farmland and timber that provides the best hunting throughout the midwest. During the past 11 seasons, members at Keck's Marsh have averaged 4 ducks per day.

Providing the very best waterfowl hunting is our main goal at Keck's Marsh. We have an abundant amount of food for waterfowl. We plant corn, soybeans, wheat, buckwheat and various types of millet on our property. As the season nears, we flood acres upon acres of standing corn so there is never a shortage of food. Pressure on the waterfowl is kept to a minimum by exercising superior management and giving the birds a sufficient refuge area. There is only one reason why you wouldn't find ducks and geese at Keck's Marsh and that is Mother Nature.

When we began building the Marsh, the plan was to build a great place to hunt ducks. As the property was developed, it became apparent that there was potential for some very good goose hunting. We have invested a great deal to ensure quality goose hunting here at Keck's Marsh. However, over the last couple of years the Canadian Geese have changed their migration pattern so we have shifted our efforts to accomodate for Snow and Blue Goose hunting. There has been a tremendous increase in the Snow and Blue Goose population and the hunting here reflects those changes. Although we are not able to accomodate as many hunters for geese as we are for ducks, those who choose to hunt Snows and Blues will experience hunting as good as you will find anywhere in the Midwest.

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